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Yes, we are certified!

It was a long journey. And the government takes it very seriously. But we made it and we are certified now. We are certified to clean and polish propellers in all Belgian ports. And we are very proud of that.

After a polish, a ship uses 3 to 5% less fuel. For a medium-sized merchant ship, this means that one polishing session will be paid back in 3 to 5 sailing days. Now, that’s an investment that pays off quickly!

And what makes us even prouder is that every ton of fuel not combusted means 3.1 tons less CO2 in the atmosphere. Yes, we are making a significant environmental contribution with our service and we are pleased about that.

Within days, we will polish our first propeller. And it’s a big one! It measures 8,6 metres in diameter. That will be the real test in practice. But we are confident. It will work.

We would like to thank many people for their contribution in the development and construction of our Propeller Polishing Unit, but in particular we would like to thank the many professional divers who have constantly given their open and honest opinion.

Propeller Polishing Services


Propeller Polishing Services


Propeller Polishing Services