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Company philosophy


The company operates from its workshop and office in Ostend, offering diving and cutting services all over the world. The cleaning works are offered in the Port of Zeebrugge, Port of Dunkirk and then in the other ports of Belgium and the surrounding countries.

The economic objective of the company is to achieve and maintain financial stability and steady capital growth at a reasonable profit, providing a good return for the shareholders and other capital providers.

 The company’s social objective is to achieve a high level of happiness among its employees by encouraging talent and cooperation.



The company was founded with the aim of ensuring a long life and a good return for all capital providers.

The company wants to generate an economic added value through technical innovation and to become known for it. “If it becomes complex, call SUBMAR,” that should be the credo of the customers.

The aim of the company is to become a major player on the Belgian market in the field of inshore and offshore diving.

The company wants to provide added value to the environment by offering and expanding ship cleaning, thereby reducing the fuel costs and CO2 emissions of ships. The company wants to become a well-known supplier in the offshore market with regard to the high-tech cutting techniques Ultra High Pressure Abrasive Waterjet Cutting (UHP-cutting), Plasma Cutting and Diamond Wire Cutting.


Core Values

  • We want to be a company with people who have a passion and admiration for underwater work in particular and technology in general;
  • We want to retain our passion and admiration by being eager to learn, innovative and improving in everything we do;
  • We approach everyone involved in the company with respect, whether it is an employee, a customer, a supplier or a government official, a bank clerk or an occasional passer-by;
  • Employees will be encouraged to treat each other with love and in a fair, open and honest way;
  • We want to be known in the market as involved, loyal and honest;
  • We want to be brave in our thinking for the customer and our own company;
  • We will uncompromisingly put safety and health first, always and everywhere;
  • We want to make both small and large but always real contributions to the environment:
  • And we will work tirelessly and openly to achieve results.



  • It will be ensured that the workshop and the sites are healthy and safe places to work. In order to continue to achieve this, a safety system and training is established and maintained;
  • Employees are kept informed about the financial health of the company;
  • Customers are treated fairly. Fair trade is practised in which the interests of the company take precedence. If the company’s interests are harmed, trade does not continue;
  • Suppliers are regarded as partners with whom, if possible, a long-term relationship is built up;
  • Shareholders are correctly briefed on a regular basis;
  • An attempt is made to build up a long-term relationship with financial institutions based on openness and honesty. Their advise determines the company’s financial policy;
  • We communicate with the local community so that our company is known and causes minimal disruption in society;
  • The employees’ families are seen as important supporting partners of the company. Every year they are invited to a family event where they are central;
  • The media will be informed about major innovations and projects;
  • Competition is not blackened against anyone;
  • The company will always try to communicate correctly with the government and other regulators and to implement what is requested;
  • The company wants to actively listen and talk to participants in the market through professional associations, fairs, congresses, events and respond to them;
  • Our company will give students the opportunity to do internships.