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Dredging and cleaning

SUBMAR is your partner for cost effective robitized hull cleaning, pile cleaning and dredging.

Market research shows that there is a need for effective, environmentally friendly and safe hull cleaning both above and below water.

  • After hull cleaning, an average merchant vessel gains 1 to 1.8KN speed and fuel consumption is reduced by 10 to 18 tons per day of sailing.
  • The emission of greenhouse gases for an average merchant ship is reduced by 30 to 55 tons of CO2 gas per day after cleaning.
  • Many hulls are covered with vegetation that contains organisms that do not belong in the harbour water and pose a biological risk to the local biotope.
  • The cleaning of hulls in which the vegetation is removed and treated in an environmentally friendly way is a signpost for the port (Green Port).

While carrying out hull cleaning, shipping and diving activities can be carried out. Because of the simultaneity they become cost effective.

One of our strengths is the design and construction of dredging robots to dredge and clean the foundation piles of offshore wind farms. Our machines are capable of dredging the hardest types of soil.

In addition, we are happy to take care of the dredging and cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

In house design and build of:

  • Hull Cleaning Robots – unmanned robots able to clean ship hulls at rates above 1.500m²/hr. All kinds of marine growth. Treating and disposing of the marine growth in an environmentally friendly way via a mobile wastewater treatment plant.
  • Pile dredging and cleaning robots using 1.000bar sea water jets.


Availability of sets of mobile pumps, dredging pumps, hoses and piping.