Diving Services

SUBMAR is your partner for safe, efficient and high tech subsea work.

Whether it’s a lock, a quay wall, a pier or any other construction in the water, SUBMAR is your partner for inspections, maintenance and repairs.

We have the full range of underwater tools at our disposal to carry out all work.

We would like to turn your problem into our own and offer a fast and cost effective solution. We have the engineering capacity in house to calculate and design customised solutions.

If desired, all underwater activities can be filmed online.

SUBMAR has waste water equipment so that our divers can work safely and comfortably in the most polluted conditions. Diving in sewer systems, aeration basins, water treatment plants, etc. are no problem.

All the techniques and experience needed to complete a construction site are available, such as:

  • Welding
  • Thermal cutting
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • grinding
  • Core drilling – up to 800mm diameter
  • Demolition
  • Airlifting
  • Waterjetting
  • Concrete Pouring
  • Measuring and reporting
  • Photography and film

All the techniques and experience needed to inspect, repair and maintain vessels, such as:

  • Installation of anodes
  • Crack/pitting repairs
  • Change of hull sections (habitats and cofferdams)
  • Under water painting
  • Change different tyupes of thrusters
  • Under water inspections according to class
  • Welding and cutting
  • Hull cleaning and propeller polishing

Measuring tower RT1

Measuring is knowing! Windmills are built at sea every day. Gigantic works of art that supply electrical power to thousands of families. In order to guarantee that these structures can be positioned correctly and will last for more than 25 years, a great deal of data...

Removal of Boezinge Sas lock gates

An idyllic spot somewhere deeply hidden in West Flanders is called Boezinge. A beautiful place to make nice walks. The Boezinge town council cherishes its two old locks. They spare no effort to keep the locks in service. To keep the locks in service, the old lock...

Small pits – exciting jobs

In Wallonia, people have been busy for years improving the watermanagement. And the recent events in Vervier and its surroundings prove once again that this is necessary. SUBMAR recently completed three small construction pits, each one was quite a challenge. Due to...