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The company VYTECH (https://www.vytech.be) carried out a market survey to find a good diving company to install gas injection pipes in a reservoir.

These gas pipes will be used to create a ring of fire on the water, through which athletes will jump.

This is a spectacular crowd-puller for one of our largest theme parks in the country.


SUBMAR was selected as the winner of the contract.

When we arrived on site, Director Martin had a very nice meeting with an old friend.

The project leader turned out to be none other than Duncan Lommaert.

Duncan started working for Martin years ago and built a brilliant diving career for over 15 years. He became one of the pillars of the company.


When he decided to change the direction of his career, it was more than tough. But it was good for him, we were all sure of that.

Now Duncan has become a valued project leader at VYTECH.


We are already looking forward to our next project together.


It is always nice to see people grow!


A happy reunion – Duncan Lommaert

A happy reunion – Duncan Lommaert

A happy reunion – Duncan Lommaert