One of the biggest offshore rigs in the world had run into trouble during a drilling operation off the coast of South America.

The owner decided to have a careful repair, thorough maintenance and major optimization of the rig’s capacity in spite of it’s busy drilling schedule.

A dry dock was booked and all the works were prepared. When it arrived, dozens of technicians, engineers and support staff were ready to start the herculean task.

Our company SUBMAR was commissioned to carry out all the cutting work on the toothed slats of one of the legs of the rig island.
Our client chose the abrasive waterjet cutting technique for two main reasons. First, the cutting capacity and second, because the cutting surface does not undergo any crystal change. In fact, no significant heat is introduced. A cut does not get hotter than 60°C. After cutting, welding can be started immediately.

36 cuts of almost a meter in length were made through steel with a thickness of 180 mm. The work was completed in 12 days.

Another satisfied customer!