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To cut through thicker steel or not to cut, that was the question. We know it’s the former and are very excited!

Clean straight cuts through 180mm steel have been a success. We needed to test if 220mm will be an issue. The cutting head was placed in an angle to make a diagonal cut through the steel block. To pass the test, the cutting had to be done without any interruptions. Everything was put into place in the morning and we started cutting at ten in the morning. 

The results exceeded our wildest dreams. A beautiful straight cut was being made at a speed of almost 1 metre per hour. Have a look at our video and photos.

It’s time now for the next step. Our clients have high expectations and want perfect cuts. This is very important for decommissioning work deep under ground and water. A visual inspection of the cut is impossible but our clients want reassurance that the cut has been done properly. We want that as well so we have come up with a “100% cut proof system“. Stay with us for more news regarding the latter.