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Carrying out a cutting job with the BROCO torch in the Scheldt River is quite a challenge.


At a quay wall in Hoboken, an old fender beam had to be removed to be able to carry out painting work.

The beam was attached to the sheet piling with steel plates.

Lifting eyes had been fitted before and the task was to burn through the fixing plates under water, as close to the sheet piling as possible, but without damaging it.

And that was not easy…

There was no visibility at all and the current was strong.

The work had to be carried out just below the water’s surface at a time when there were quite a few waves due to the wind and current.

The diver worked very patiently until he was sure that both mounting strips were burned through.

During the burning, he constantly checked “by touch” that the sheet piling was not damaged.


In the end, it turned out to be a success and the project leader was clearly pleased!


Another satisfied customer!

Two very precise cuts with the BROCO torch