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One of our customers is an important petrochemical company in the port of Antwerp. A large part of their supplies and deliveries goes via the Scheldt with ships. A large pipe bridge is connected to a loading and unloading jetty. To be sure of a flawless service, the management decided to carry out an underwater survey of all the supporting piles of the jetty. Our company was the lucky winner of the contract. In just a few days, we carried out a few hundred wall thickness measurements below the waterline. That was quite a challenge because of the busy shipping traffic, the strong currents and the complete absence of any visibility under water. And before the wall thickness measurements could be carried out, the piles had to be carefully cleaned. We were pleased, together with the client, that all the piles are in a very good condition. The stability is guaranteed and we were able to contribute to this. We are pleased about that.

Another satisfied customer!