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With SUBMAR, we want to make a significant contribution to the environment. This is one of the core objectives of our company. The environmental pressure in our world is so big that we humans are threatened. So we believe that it is of the utmost importance that everyone does their bit.


That is why SUBMAR has built a state of the art “Propeller Cleaning and Polishing Unit”. An average merchant ship saves 3 to 5% on fuel when the propeller(s) are cleaned and polished. That easily means 5 to 11 tonnes of fuel per day.

But that also means 15 to over 30 tonnes less CO2 in the environment, every day!


After a study of more than one year, the installation was designed, built, tested and optimised. We worked together with specialists in the field of filtering and chemical washing of waste water streams. In addition, there was a careful cooperation with specialists in the field of grinding and polishing. But also, for example, a pump specialist and a plastics specialist were consulted and many, many divers. Most of them had already cleaned and polished hundreds of propellers. All this know-how and many suggestions from the divers were brought together in our new installation.


Today, we are in the certification phase. The ex-situ tests have been carried out under government supervision and the various water samples are currently being analysed. If the installation is working properly, we can go into open water. Exciting!!!

We hope to be able to enter the water soon in order to realise our first of many CO2 reductions.


To be continued!

Testing Propeller Cleaning and Polishing Unit

Testing Propeller Cleaning and Polishing Unit

Testing Propeller Cleaning and Polishing Unit