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For over 20 years, we worked together. Great adventures we have had together. Wonderful projects we realised together. And then our paths parted for a while.


For an urgent intervention, we contacted Serge again. No one thought he would say yes so enthusiastically. And there he was. Immediately ready to jump into the water.


A gauge had broken off and been lost in the water. Nobody held out any hope of finding the instrument given that strong currents and turbulence regularly occur there. And the instrument had been missing for more than a week. Serge visualised the trajectory the instrument might have followed in its path underwater. He stared at the surface for minutes and mused for quite a while about what might have happened underwater.


Half an hour later, he jumped into the water and descended. I could see from his bubble stream that he was following exactly the predicted trajectory of the instrument and not five minutes later he triumphantly informed the supervisor that he had found the instrument.


A true master of his job. Congratulations Serge! Nicely done!