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What can you do if a diver cannot leave the water on his own?


A professional diver easily carries over 35 kg of equipment when he goes into the water.

In many places, this has to be done via old rusty ladders. Sometimes several metres deep.

Imagine that the diver injures himself or feels unwell, and is unable to leave the water on his own. Than what? Don’t think that you’re strong enough to pull a diver out of the water. We have tried that and it’s just not possible. It was a hilarious moment, but in the end the diver had to get out of the water himself.


Well, we have worked out a solution. On our job sites, we have installed a safety crane to “rescue” the diver. The crane is mounted at the back of a trailer and can also be used to load and unload loads.


During the diving work, the crane is equipped with two slings with closed safety hooks. These are attached to the diver’s shoulder rings, so we can bring the diver to safety if necessary.