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It was inevitable that a new diving van would be purchased. The station, built into an IVECO van, was designed by the divers themselves. Wish lists and proposals circulated for quite some time. Not only our permanently employed divers were consulted, we also let many freelancers have their say. The proposals ranged from “can we put a shower in it?” to the shape of a handle. Everything was noted, everything was assessed.

Then the big work began, to incorporate into the furnishings everything that was finally agreed with the divers. This led to very targeted purchases, designing shelves, supports, umbilical reels, drawing out the electrical network, breathing airways, lighting and so on. But it all worked out in the end.

A few days ago, our new mobile diving station was delivered and immediately deployed. We hear only positive things from the divers, which pleases us. And the one about that “shower” is also happy 😊.

We are pretty sure that with this camionette we will only add to SUBMAR’s rich history.