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Who likes to climb a steep ladder back to the quay after a long exhausting dive? And all that with 35kg of diving equipment? Nobody likes that! And you know what? It really is not safe either. On top of that, every diver wastes a lot of energy climbing up and down the ladder. Energy that he or she can best spend underwater to finish the job and keep a satisfied customer.

That is why SUBMAR decided to invest in a “Mobile Launch and Recovery System”. A small hydraulic power station feeds a telescopic loading crane with a cable winch. The stainless diving cage can be deployed to a distance of almost 5 metres and a depth of 20 metres.

Everything is assembled on a trailer that is kept stable by four hydraulic support legs. There is enough space left on the trailer to take a lot of equipment to the jobyard.

Our company is now ready for the future, since such a system may become mandatory by our government. And they are right!

Mobile Launch and Recovery System