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Innovating Subsea Services with a Commitment to Safety

In the dynamic offshore industry, SUBMAR BV stands out for its innovative subsea services and high-tech cutting solutions tailored for the decommissioning market. The company’s dedication to safety is underscored by its recent active membership in STEP CHANGE IN SAFETY, an organization committed to enhancing safety standards within the sector.

Advanced Subsea Services and Cutting Solutions

SUBMAR BV offers a range of subsea services, including underwater cutting, dredging, inspection, maintenance, and repair. Utilizing state-of-the-art abrasive water jet cutting, hydro demolition and diamond wire cutting techniques, the company ensures precision, reliability, and cost/ time-efficiency in even the most challenging environments.

Commitment to Safety: STEP CHANGE IN SAFETY

Safety is a cornerstone of SUBMAR BV’s operations. As a new member of STEP CHANGE IN SAFETY, SUBMAR BV collaborates with industry peers to share best practices, develop safety strategies, and promote continuous improvement. This involvement provides access to the latest safety research, training programs, and joint industry projects, ensuring that SUBMAR BV’s operations adhere to the highest safety standards.

Enhancing Safety through Collaboration

SUBMAR BV’s proactive safety culture includes rigorous risk assessments, regular safety drills, and the adoption of cutting-edge safety technologies. By collaborating with other industry leaders through STEP CHANGE IN SAFETY, SUBMAR BV enhances its safety protocols and contributes to the overall safety of its projects.

Future safety Prospects

As the decommissioning market grows, SUBMAR BV is well-equipped to meet increasing demands with its expertise and commitment to safety. Through its membership in STEP CHANGE IN SAFETY, SUBMAR BV reinforces its dedication to maintaining and exceeding industry safety standards, ensuring safe and efficient subsea operations for all stakeholders.

Step Change in Safety is a member-led organisation which works to prevent incident and injury in the energy industry through active leadership, member collaboration and workforce engagement.

The safety of the workforce always comes first; it is the bedrock of our organisation and what shapes our goals.