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March 31st was the day. A delegation from the Port of Dunkirk (GPMD) arrived at our workshop early in the morning. All decision-makers from the Maintenance Department of the entire port were present.

As part of the maintenance contract, an investment plan with a tight timeline had been agreed upon. And this for both the “human equipment” and the “technical equipment”. It took us a lot of blood, sweat and tears to realise it all. We kept awake nights in a row as nowadays both delivery times are uncertain everywhere and professional people are hard to find.

We observed with pleasure that many suppliers committed themselves personally to make it all happen. Third parties even came to work at night and on weekends. In addition, our divers did their utmost to get everything built in, tested and ready by the day of the audit. Even our secretary ran around nervously for days on end to make sure everything was fine and on time.

And we succeeded. We were proud to show the delegation around and convince them that everything promised had been really realised by now. The auditors were pleased with what they saw. An intense debate broke out immediately afterwards about what all was expected of our company SUBMAR in the future and whether we could realise all this. This meant a more than exciting challenge and it immediately gave us a plan for the future. We are not there yet, but we are working on it and we will make sure that our client GPMD remains happy, now and in the future.

That is what we are going for, full stop!